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Community Schools

The programs listed below are designed to support a designated group of students and/or adults within the Foxborough Public Schools environment:

Extended Services

Additional Services

Extended Services

Adult Education

The Foxborough Adult Education Program has grown over the last several years to be considered one of the finest in the area. A wide variety of courses are offered in this program. Favorite classes are Introductory and Advanced Technology Courses, Yoga Instruction, Ball Room Dancing, and Aerobics. These courses are available to any adults wishing to enroll. The core of this program lies in its instructors. They are a talented and caring group of individuals who collectively bring their skills to our program to share with the community at large. This program has two sessions, one in September and one in January. The program usually runs on Tuesday and Thursday nights for a period of ten weeks. A complete list of course offerings with their corresponding meeting times and dates may be obtained by contacting the director of extended services at the number listed below.

Contact: Kathie Leighton, Extended Programs Manager

Child Care Program

Economic snd cultural changes in our community have brought Foxborough Public Schools to a new phase of service for our children. Recognizing the diverse needs of our students and their families, the district initiated its Child Care Program for students in grades 1-6. BEFORE and AFTER school care is offered to children in the Taylor, Burrell and Igo Elementary Schools. AFTER school care is also available to students in the Ahern Middle School. Each site offers recreational activities, social contact, intellectual stimulation, and cultural enrichment. In this program, students are given the space and the time to develop their individual interests and to form interpersonal relationships.

Contact: Kathie Leighton, Extended Programs Manager

Drivers Education Program

This is a Drivers Education "Course" that is classroom instruction only. Roadwork is not included in this instruction, however a list of approved road training schools is made available to all participants. This course is offered to students who are at least 15 years and 10 months of age at the beginning of the program. The course is designed to fulfill the requirements needed to receive a reduction in insurance costs when registering a motor vehicle. Five sessions of this course are offered throughout the school year: September, December, February, April, & during the Summer. A call to the Director of Extended Services will verify actual starting dates and times of the courses. Classes fill quickly so registration should be done well in advance.

Contact: Kathie Leighton, Extended Programs Manager

Summer School Program"

The Summer Enrichment Program is offered to children of ages 4-17. This program is actually divided into three separate areas: "Kids Camp" for preschool, kindergarten and children entering first grade; "Expanding Horizons" for students entering grades 2-8; and "Summer School Enrichment" which services high school aged students. All courses and activities in this program are designed to offer students the opportunity for academic, physical, and/or social development. The Summer Enrichment Program is offered during the month of July.

Contact: Kathie Leighton, Extended Programs Manager

Summer Remediation Program

The purpose of this program is to offer Math and English courses to students needing extra help in these academic areas. These courses may be taken by students to improve their skills and/or to attain academic credit. A Study Skills Course is also offered through this program to help develop students' organizing, listening and notetaking skills. The Summer Remediation Program is offered during the month of July.

Contact: Kathie Leighton, Extended Programs Manager

Additional Services

Local Staff Development Opportunities (LSDO)

The educational leaders of the Foxborough, North Attleborough, Norfolk, Millis, Bellingham, King Philip, and BICO Collaborative public school districts, have jointly created the Local Staff Development Opportunities (LSDO) Project. LSDO is an ongoing effort by these school districts, to effectively offer high quality, content-related professional development programs to their respective faculties. These programs would allow "no cost" alternatives for obtaining the PDPs required by the Massachusetts Department of Education for re-certification. LSDO courses are approved by a specific college/university, so participants may opt to also purchase and receive college credits for their efforts.

Any faculty member from a participating town is eligible to participate. All LSDO courses are developed through a comprehensive, nine-district needs assessment, and are targeting topics the teachers have requested. Check the LSDO website for current course listings.

METCO Program

The Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity (METCO) is a state funded program that was designed to promote quality integrated educational opportunities for suburban and urban students from the Greater Boston area. The METCO Program has been providing diverse cultural experiences since September 6, 1966, when 220 students took their first bus ride to classrooms in seven suburban districts. At the birth of METCO, funding for the program was provided by the Carnegie Corporation of New York. In 1968, with the passage of the Racial Imbalance Act, the program became funded by the State of Massachusetts. Since 1966, the METCO Program has expanded to 32 suburban communities where over 3200 students from Boston attend.

The Foxborough METCO Program places 55 students from Boston. This program is committed to educational excellence for all children. In addition, it strives to promote a closer understanding and cooperation between urban and suburban students, families, and faculty.

The METCO Family Friends Network is another supportive aspect of the METCO partnership where Foxborough families volunteer to become friendly contacts for Boston families. The Family Friends Network provides opportunities for Foxborough and Boston children and their parents to broaden relationships through the sharing of family, cultural, and social experiences. Open and regular communication is encouraged through out the system to help nurture the mutual development of relationships.

To learn more about the Family Friends Network, please contact us.

School-To-Career Program

The Attleboro Area School-To-Career Partnership supports an approach to learning that is for ALL students. It's programs and activities are based on the concept that education is most useful for students when they apply what they learn to real life and real work experiences.

Our successes have been the culmination of partnerships we have made with employers, schools, colleges, educators, students, and parents.

The partnership's efforts are designed to allow students to explore careers and acquire skills, knowledge and attributes they need to suceed in an ever changing work environment.

Contact: Ellen Pillsbury, Career Specialist
Phone: 508-543-1620