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1 to 1 Computer Program

Program Objectives
FPS is transitioning from our existing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program to being a One-to-One, student to a computer district (1:1). As you know, in the past six months, the COVID-19 pandemic has catapulted our use of instructional technology and digital learning strategies for teachers and students in a new direction we could never have imagined. With that said, we are genuinely amazed by the quick adoption of new technology, innovation, and the perseverance of both our staff & students during this most recent period of emergency learning.

As a One-to-One district, all classroom teachers and students in grades K – 12 will eventually receive a mobile computing device. This new level of student and teacher access to technology will not only improve equity and access to hybrid and remote learning but also transform our in-person learning program by creating new opportunities to engage our students in communication, collaboration, and critical thinking. In the end, indeed, this transition will positively impact both teaching and learning and improve student learning outcomes.

Student Safety and Access

Before students receive their device, they will receive additional instruction on internet and email safety along with age-appropriate digital citizenship skills. Topics may include how to care for a laptop, online privacy, digital footprint, and media literacy.

The use of elementary and middle school student email will be limited to communicating with students and teachers within the student's school building and approved educational sites. The district has also established varying levels of developmentally appropriate access to the Internet (in school), Microsoft Teams, Office365, and other digital learning tools.

Parents/Guardians are also encouraged to monitor their child's computer use and talk with their child about internet safety and digital citizenship at home.  A resource that provides many useful tips for parents regarding digital citizenship and internet safety is the Common Sense Media website. Common Sense Media is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping kids thrive in a world of media and technology. You can access the Common Sense Media website using the following link:

Assignment of Equipment

During the hybrid/remote learning period, all students will travel to and from school with their devices.  After hybrid/remote learning has ended, devices assigned to students in grades K-4 will be returned to the school and stored in each classroom.

Device Use and Care Expectations

Students are responsible for the general care of the device they have been issued by the school. Devices in need of repair must be taken to the designated repair drop off as soon as possible. A loaner device will be issued when available. District assigned devices should never be taken to an outside computer repair center for any reason. Students should not  leave their device unattended.

Student & Parent Responsibilities:

  • I understand that use of school-assigned technology is subject to all FPS policies & rules, and local, state & federal laws
  • I agree to use my school assigned technology for educational purposes only
  • I acknowledge I am responsible for protecting and appropriately caring for my school-issued technology device and equipment (e.g., cleaning it, not dropping it, not leaving it outdoors, and not using it while eating)
  • I will not place stickers, use markers, or engrave on any part of my school assigned technology
  • I will not attempt to repair or modify my FPS issued device
  • I will report any problems, damage, or loss of my device a.s.a.p. to my teacher or technology staff member
  • I agree I will not install, download or use software that is not authorized by FPS
  • I will not remove programs or files from my FPS issued device
  • I will not attempt to bypass security settings on my device
  • I understand that all data stored on my FPS assigned device is not private, and my device and files are subject to review by school personnel at any time
  • I understand when devices are off-site, the Internet may not be filtered
  • l assume any financial responsibility for loss or damages not covered by a device warranty
  • I will return FPS assigned technology and accessories upon the request of FPS or my withdrawal from school
  • I give consent for my student to be assigned a student technology device, and access and use Microsoft Office 365

Estimated Repair and Replacement Costs

  • Full replacement cost of device: $400 
  • Screen repair/replacement: $109
  • Keyboard replacement: $85
  • Computer bezels: $65
  • Damaged AC adapter (charger): $50
  • Sticker Removal/Case Repair: $15-$65

*Charges for repairs include expenses relating to parts, labor, and shipping.

 All repairs must be performed by the FPS Technology department or an FPS authorized partner.  


Optional Device Protection Program

Parents/Guardians are encouraged to enroll in the optional one-to-one device protection program provided by the Foxborough Public Schools. If you choose not to enroll in this program, you will be responsible for costs associated with repairs or replacement resulting from accidental damage.


The cost to enroll in the device protection plan is $40 (prorated to $25.00 for 20/21) per year per student device. To be eligible for the benefits of this program, you must submit the protection program enrollment form and payment before receiving your device or by 1/06/2021.


Covered by the District With No Cost to Parents:

The district covers manufacturing defects or device failure due to normal wear and tear. Example of wear and tear items are: batteries and hard disk mechanical issues.

Covered by Protection Program: 

If the device is damaged accidentally by the enrolled student, the protection plan will cover 100 % of the cost of repair for the first incident (one repair per year – Parts & Labor). The plan covers 100% of labor expenses with parts billed at our cost for all subsequent repairs of accidental damage needed during the same enrollment year

Examples of accidental covered damages are broken interior and exterior parts due to dropping, liquid damage, broken screens, and damage to keyboards or accessories. 


Not Covered:

Lost devices, along with damage caused intentionally or through negligence is not covered by the protection plan. Students may also face disciplinary action for intentional damage or negligent care.


If FPS determines that a device was damaged intentionally or due to negligence, the parents/guardians will be responsible for all repair expenses  despite having enrolled in the protection planThe Superintendent will hear the appeal of a determination made by the Technology department.

Home Technical Support
The Foxborough Public Schools does not provide home networking support.

For assistance with your school laptop - Click Here