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Optional Device Protection Plan


Due to elementary students not taking their computers home this year, we only offer the optional device protection program to high school and middle school students.

If elementary students begin to take their computers home at a later time, the district may choose to offer a prorated plan.


If you choose to enroll in the optional device protection plan in the online student registration portal at the beginning of this school year, you will receive an invoice by email from MySchoolBucks for the 21-22 school year. The invoice will contain payment details.  Payment is payable directly through MySchoolsBucks, or cash/check may be sent to Central Office.            

Parents/Guardians are encouraged to enroll in the optional one-to-one device protection program provided by the Foxborough Public Schools.

If you choose not to enroll in this program, you will be responsible for all costs associated with repairs or replacement of your assigned device resulting from accidental damage. The protection plan does NOT cover lost devices or accessories.

The cost to enroll in the device protection plan is $38 per year per student device. To be eligible for this program, you must submit the protection program enrollment form and payment before October 14th 2021.


Covered by Protection Program:

If the device becomes damaged by accident by a student,  the protection plan will cover 100% of the FIRST incident's repair costs (one repair per year – Parts & Labor). The program covers 100% of labor expenses with parts billed at our cost for all subsequent repairs of accidental damage needed during the same enrollment period (school year).  Examples of accidental covered damages are broken interior and exterior parts due to dropping, liquid damage, broken screens, and damage to keyboards or accessories.


Covered by the District with No Cost to Parents:

The district covers manufacturing defects or device failure due to normal wear and tear. Examples of wear and tear items: batteries, hard disk mechanical issues, motherboard failure due to manufacturing defect.


Not Covered:

Lost devices and chargers, damages caused from non-Lenovo approved charger, along with damage caused intentionally or through negligence.


If FPS determines that a device was damaged intentionally or due to negligence, The parents/guardians will be responsible for all repair expenses despite enrolling in the protection plan. The School Business Manager will hear the appeal of a determination made by the Technology department.


Costs for accidental damage:

The cost charge for repairs includes expenses relating to parts, labor, and shipping.


Anticipated costs for ‘typical’ issues are:

The full replacement cost of the device: $400

Screen repair/replacement: $262

Damaged or lost AC adapter (charger): $50

Keyboard replacement: $128

Computer Bezals - $60


Loaner Devices and Payment of Invoices:

Loaner devices are available for use by students while their device is being repaired. The loaner laptops must be returned within seven (7) days of issue.

Invoices for damage or loss of a device must be paid within seven (7) days of invoice.  Failure to return a loaner device or pay invoices for damages or loss of equipment may result in loss of student laptop privileges.


Repairs must be performed by the FPS Technology department or an FPS authorized partner.  Damage or repair needs must be reported immediately to the FPS Technology department.

Pay for the Optional Device Protection Plan through the MySchoolBucks website! 
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