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Members of the School Committee

Ms. Tina Belanger, Chair

Committee Member Since: 2012
Present Term: 2018-2021
Occupation: Stay-at-home mother / attorney
Committee Strengths: Advisory Committee Education Liaison, PTO Board member and volunteer, School Council representative, community involvement and legal background
Home Address: 4 Milton Lane
Phone: 508-543-7487 (home)
Best time to contact: Daytime and early evening

Mr. Richard Pearson, Vice Chair

Committee Member Since: 2018
Present Term: 2018-2021
Occupation: Associate Executive Director MIAA/MSAA
Committee Strengths: Former teacher and principal, 23 years; 6 years working with state associations for all principals PreK-12 (MSAA) and high school interscholastic athletics (MIAA); Chairperson of DESE Educational Personnel Advisory Council; experience working with DESE and State Legislators on various educational initiatives and issues.
Home Address: 16 Merigan Way
Phone: 508-543-5618 (home)
Best time to contact: Anytime.  Leave a message and your call will be returned.

Ms. Beverley Lord

Committee Member Since:  2004
Present Term: 2017-2020
Occupation: Retired educator
Committee Strengths: Experience as an educator, community spirit, artistic and cultural advocate
Home Address: 60 Granite Street
Phone: 508-543-4905     Fax:  508-543-2905
Best time to contact: During the day or evenings before 9:00 p.m.

Mr. Rob Canfield

Committee Member Since: 2019
Present Term: 2019-2022
Occupation:  Management Consultant focusing on marketing and organizational improvement
Committee Strengths:  Change management, quality improvement, process development and system design
Home Address: 15 Ouimet Lane
Phone:  508-878-9481
Best way to contact:
Best time to contact: 
after 4 p.m.

Mr. Brent Ruter

Committee Member Since: 2019
Present Term: 2019-2022
Occupation:  Educator -- Teacher and Department Chair
Committee Strengths:  Policy analysis, strategic planning, program evaluation, faculty development
Home Address: 46 Spring Street
Phone:  774-469-0660
Best way to contact:  email -
Best time to contact:
  Evenings and weekend mornings