Percussion Ensemble

Percussion Ensemble Performing

The entire percussion section in the FHS Concert Band program performs with the FHS Percussion Ensemble as a basic part of their band curriculum. The group performs a wide variety of percussion literature, and performs a full percussion recital in the spring. Works ranging from solo pieces to large ensemble of 12 are studied and performed, often with student conductors. Some original student compositions have been performed, and guest artists have performed with the ensemble. All students are asked to play all of the many percussion instruments, and the assigned parts are rotated from one ensemble piece to another. Adjunct percussion faculty members Don Albro and Ed Sorrentino are responsible for developing individual percussion skills in our private lesson program.

The 2006 – 2007 section leader are responsible for much of the Percussion Ensemble’s curriculum design and rehearsal structure and management. This provides valuable student leadership opportunity, as all section leaders study leadership techniques in a special weekly before school Leadership Seminar.