District PowerSchool Public Portal

PowerSchool Public Portal

Access to your child's grades and attendance through PowerSchool is being provided to you as another form of communication with teachers and students. More importantly, it is to help all of us in our efforts to support your child's education.

Terms of Use

  1. I understand that the school district is providing this access as a privilege, and if it is abused, my account will be suspended and/or terminated.
  2. I understand that Foxborough Public Schools is not liable for any damages to my personal equipment incurred when connected to the PowerSchool System.
  3. In consideration of using the Foxborough Public School District network and having access to my child's grades and attendance, I hereby release the Foxborough Public School District and its officers, employees, and agents from any claims and damages from my use of the system.
  4. I understand that the school will continue to send Report Cards home at the end of each quarter; however, the school will no longer issue progress reports.

By logging into PowerSchool you are agreeing to the Acceptable Use Policy