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Technology Information

Vision: The Foxborough Public Schools, in collaboration with the community, will provide students with technology-based educational experiences to inspire them to achieve.

Mission: The mission of the Foxborough Public Schools, guided by its core values, is to engage students in a rich, diversified education, thereby empowering them to challenge themselves as they become productive, responsible citizens in a 21st century global society.

  1. To expand collaboration and communication among students, staff, and parents to optimize student achievement.
  2. To improve access to instructional technologies to meet the diverse needs of all learners.
  3. To leverage the use of technology to organize , store, and analyze student assessment data to guide teaching and learning.
  4. To expand access to innovative technology tools that enrich instruction across all disciplines and create dynamic learning environments.
  5. To increase efficiencies in school business operation and local, state, and federal reporting requirements.

Local Technology Plan - This is the annual fiscal year based plan that outlines goals and initiatives based on the needs of the district. The majority of these needs are developed over a one to five year period with appropriate budgetary planning. However, due to rapidly changing technologies, initiatives may be developed within three to six months and implemented if needed and funding is available. Therefore, these plans remain flexible. The initiatives identified under each goal are presented within the following three frameworks: Infrastructure/Hardware Improvements; Staff/Faculty Training and Support; and Software Upgrades and Improvements. The State Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) prefers that districts have three to five years of technology planning on file.

DESE Online Technology Plan Implementation Report - Consists of a District Baseline Collection Form and a separate Technology Profile Form for each school. The Baseline Collection includes benchmark information regarding vision, mission, and goals; teacher and student use of technology; teacher technology training and professional development; technology accessibility; connectivity infrastructure; and Internet access. The school Technology Profiles contain data regarding a school’s Acceptable Use Policy; its Local area Network; Internet Connectivity; Computer Workstation Inventory; Computer Connectivity; Assistive Technologies; Other Technologies; Internet Access; Telephone Service; and Electric Service. Most of the schools profile data rolls up to the Baseline Collection. The Implementation Report is completed and submitted annually and is used to determine eligibility for state and federal technology funding when available.

Technology Facilities

Foxborough High School

  • Academic Lab
  • Business Lab
  • Computer-Aided Design and Drafting Lab (CADD)
  • Computer Based Advertising and Design Lab (CBAD)
  • ELA Computer Lab
  • Faculty Work Areas
  • Foreign Language Lab
  • Interactive Technologies
    • Whiteboards
    • Projectors
  • Lab Central
  • Library Media Center (LMC) Computer Clusters
  • Science Technology Center
  • Social Studies Lab
  • Wireless Network - 7 Access Points (APs)
  • Yearbook Computers

Ahern Middle School

  • Art/Graphics Computer Lab
  • Applied Technology Lab
  • Classroom Computer Cluster
  • Interactive Technologies
    • Whiteboards (IWBs)
    • Projectors
    • Document Cameras
    • Hand Held Electronic Responders (HH's)
  • Library Media Center (LMC) Computers
  • Music Technology Lab
  • Project LAB A (Room 169)
  • Project LAB B (Room 167)
  • Project LAB C (Room 253)
  • Project LAB D (Room 102)
  • Wireless Network - 2 Access Points (APs)

Elementary Schools

  • Igo Computer Lab
  • Igo Library Media Center (LMC) Computers
  • Igo Classroom Clusters
  • Taylor Computer Lab
  • Taylor Library Media Center (LMC) Computers
  • Taylor Classroom Clusters
  • Burrell Mini-Lab
  • Burrell Library Media Center (LMC) Computers
  • Burrell Classroom Clusters
  • Interactive Technologies
    • Whiteboards (IWBs)
    • Projectors
    • Document Cameras
    • Hand Held Electronic Responders (HH's)
    • Wireless Network
      • Burrell - 1 Access Point (AP)
      • Igo - 2 Access Points (APs)
      • Taylor - 1 Access Point (AP)