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It is estimated that 5-15% of school age children present with a speech, language and hearing problem. The school-based Speech Pathologist has many roles and responsibilities within the school. Included in the roles and responsibilities are: prevention, identification, assessment, and evaluation of speech and language disorders.

Also included are: IEP Development, caseload management, and transition/dismissal of students.

There are four main areas that are generally focused on within the elementary school

  1. Speech- how one produces sounds in isolated tasks or in conversation.
  2. Expressive Language- the ability to formulate thoughts and express oneself verbally.
  3. Receptive Language- the ability to process and comprehend information that is presented.
  4. Pragmatic Language- the ability to use language in various communicative interactions.

The best way to encourage speech and language in the home is to engage in ongoing dialogues with your children. You are their best role model for acquiring and building a solid vocabulary. Reading also is an invaluable tool for building language skills. By labeling pictures in books and objects in the environment you are providing language enrichment. Comprehension is reinforced by asking many questions related to books the child has read and their everyday experiences.

Proper speech production is reinforced by modeling correct placement for various sounds. Try not to "correct" the child, instead offer the correct pronunciation. Social use of language is reinforced by games and activities that encourage turn taking, shared experiences
and topic maintenance.

Some websites that encourage speech and language development include:

The most important thing is to make learning exciting

I can be reached at the Burrell on Wednesdays, Thursdays,and Fridays

Cathy Mulcahy, MS CCC-SLP