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1: Good Morning. Would everyone please rise for the Pledge of Allegiance?

<pause 5 full seconds>

1+2: I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America

And to the Republic for which it stands

One nation, under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All.

1: Please be seated.


2: Good morning, and welcome to the Daily 2. Today is Friday, November 17th and it's a Day 3.

1: Happy birthday today to Colin R., Noah S., Amanda S.

2: Entre choices for today’s lunch include variety of brick oven pizzas, fish and cheese sandwich, chicken tender salad served with red pepper strips, cucumber wheels, white bean dip, fresh fruit and veggie bar, and ice cold milk.

1: For students in the music program, today is an instrument day.

1: Attention all boys and girls interested in playing middle school basketball: you need to submit your participation forms and physicals to the nurse's office ASAP.

2: The deadline has been extended to November 17th—which is this today. If planning to try out for the middle school basketball teams, you need to submit your participation forms and physicals to the nurse today.

1: Please note, even though we have early dismissals next week, breakfast will still be available from 7:40 - 7:55.

2: Again, you can get breakfast next week as usual from 7:40 – 7:55

1: The Food Drive ends today. Please send all of your items down to the space under the main stairs this morning.

2: Now the Student Council and the Food Pantry need help packaging all the food!

1: If you would like to help package Thanksgiving meals, come to the Ahern Cafeteria tomorrow. It's a great way to earn Community Service hours and have some fun with your friends.

2: If you would like to do Christmas, go to the Saint Mark's basement on Saturday, December 16 at 10 am.

1: Hey Samantha, how did the giraffe become the king of the disco?

2: I don't know, how?

1: By growing a giraffe-fro!

2: Rimshot

1: We’ve heard about zombies, creepy lakes, and feel-good stories about overcoming the odds, but I’m looking for something a little different.

2:Well, listen up because here’s Kyle Macauley from 6D to give us his hilarious review of another book available for sale at the book fair.  

[VIDEO: Friday Book Talk]

1: Nice work, Kyle!  I just might look for that book myself at the book fair in the library.

2: Don’t forget, the book fair is only open until next Tuesday.  You can pay with either cash or checks made out to the Ahern.  So get down there soon to do your shopping before it’s too late!

1: And now, for Sports.


2: Thanks, Shane. I'm Samantha

1: and I’m Abbie. Behind the scenes today, we had Katie, Jamie, Ben and Shane. Have a great weekend, everyone.

1+2: And that was your Daily 2!